Our Privacy Policy
By using Property.walesdirectory.co.uk ("the web site"), you agree to the Internet Privacy Policy presented below. Our Internet Privacy Policy relates to the collection and use of personal information we may collect during your visit to Property.walesdirectory.co.uk.
In the interests of safety of Property.walesdirectory.co.uk and it's visitors we reserve the right to change or remove (partially or completely) this Internet Privacy Policy at any time.

We recognise the importance of protecting your privacy and while we collect information about visitors to our sites, we ensure the information collected does not make any of our site visitors personally identifiable other than when submitting our "Contact the seller" / "Contact the Landlord" form.

Normal browsing
If you only visit our web site and go through different pages and sections of the web site without completing the online "Contact the seller" / "Contact the Landlord" form, the information we collect will only contain usability statistics, such as; number of visitors, number of page views, length of visits etc. This information is non personal and will only be used to improve the service and performance of our web site.

Property Setup
When setting up your property to be advertised, you are able to choose what data will be part of the advert and published on property.walesdirectory.co.uk web site for display to the general public.

Completing our "Contact the seller" / "Contact the Landlord" form
If you submit your personal details through our online form, you are giving the right to Property.walesdirectory.co.uk to professionally analyze and handle the information provided.

We guarantee our visitors who submit the "Contact the seller" / "Contact the Landlord" form that the information will be passed directly to the vendor of the property you are enquiring about, and will not be shared or misused with any other parties without your consent.

We strive to ensure the information you provide is handled with utmost care and the technologies in place used to collect and handle your information are intact.

In addition our employees and third party contractors are obliged to respect your privacy at all levels.

If you want to change any details held by Property.walesdirectory.co.uk at any time simply logon to property.walesdirectory.co.uk.

The Data Protection Act 1998
Klick Internet Services Ltd (Publisher of walesdirectory.co.uk) is registered under the Data Protection Act, registration number Z1158370.

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