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How to sell your house yourself

HIPs (Home Information Packs) only apply to England and Wales. If you are selling in Scotland you do not need a HIP. If you are selling in Northern Ireland you do not need a HIP.

If you put your house on the market after 14th December 2007, or you are thinking of doing so now, then you will have to apply for a HIP.

Step 1
Firstly you must ensure you get a HIP.

What's in a Home Information Pack?
The Home Information Pack contains important information that buyers and sellers need to know.

Benefits for sellers
For sellers, providing a Pack upfront should reduce the likelihood of any nasty surprises in the selling process that could delay the sale, as buyers will be able to make more informed decisions about purchasing their home.

Benefits for buyers
For buyers, the Pack provides essential information about properties they are considering buying, free of charge.

What does a Pack contain?

  • Compulsory documents ('Required') - for example, the evidence of title that proves it's yours to sell.
  • Optional documents ('Authorised') - such as the Home Condition Report which gives buyers a clear idea of what work, if any, needs to be done to the property.
  • Home Information Pack Index
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Sale statement
  • Standard searches
  • Evidence of title
  • Additional information for leasehold and commonhold sales, where appropriate.
  • A HIP for a newly built home must have a certificate (or interim certificate) showing the rating that the home has received in respect of the Code for Sustainable Homes or a nil-rated certificate showing that the home has only been designed to meet current Building Regulations However, up until 1 January 2009 it is possible to market a property without all of the compulsory documents.

Step 2
How much is my property worth?
Contrary to popular belief Estate Agents don't set property prices all they do is estimate a realistic asking price. They do this from their knowledge of the local market. It all boils down to what the buyers are willing to pay for a property.

By following the steps below you will be easily able to set your own asking price like an estate agent does. When you do set your price don't be tempted to over inflate your price as this will put buyers off and will take a lot longer to sell.

Look in the local press
The press will have plenty of similar properties in your area giving you an indicator of how much yours is worth.

Estate Agents Windows
Take a look at similar properties to yours in your local Estate Agents and looking at what has actually sold and at what price.

This is the easiest way - look at the major portal sites such as findaproperty or fish4homes websites by looking in your postcode area - if you feel your property is worth a bit more to one you have seen that is similar make sure you can justify that in your description as well as putting a higher price on it. Also check out the web site nethouseprice.co.uk it will tell you how much the properties on your road have sold for.

Using a Surveyor
I would advise you to get a local surveyor in to survey the house. They will give you a more accurate price. He will look at the property for about 20 minutes and then give you the price he may advise to put it on for a bit more but then you may run the risk of not selling if the property is on for too much in comparison with others in the locality. Its worth also having a building survey done to show the condition of the property to your buyers - this lets them know your not hiding anything. To find a professional property valuer visit The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Other factors effecting property selling price
There are other major factors that can effect your property selling price. The credit crunch is affecting house prices severely at the moment and property prices have gone down because of this.

Another factor is seasonal; in spring time there is a high demand, also September after the holiday period; in August and Christmas there is low demand as these are the peak holiday periods.

Presentation is the Key. Your home will have a massive impact if it is well presented. If you go the extra mile doing home improvements and decorating it will be worth it. Make your house stand out from the rest!

Step 3
Prepare the advert to go online - to do this you should walk around your home with pen and paper taking notes and measurements making sure you write the main points your home has to offer e.g Three Bedrooms, Newly Fitted Kitchen etc. Then take pictures of the property always making sure your home looks its very best when taking photos. Once you have finished you can upload and go live on the website!

Preparing your house for sale
Before marketing your property always make sure your home is looking it's best. If work needs doing to the house always attend to it before it goes live on walesdirectory.co.uk as you could have an enquiry within the first few hours, so be ready!

Take a good look at your property internally and externally from a buyers point of view. Take a look at other properties close by and see which stand out from the next. Does your front door need a lick of paint? Or does your garden need a once over? First impressions count a lot!

If you do have a front garden it is worth investing in a few potted plants or hanging baskets to freshen the garden up (you can always take them with you to your new property) Sweep up the leaves from the path if you have one and get rid of any weeds. Let you prospective buyers see that your house has been well looked after!

When you get to the front door check:

  • If it has a doorknocker, has it been polished
  • Does the doorbell work
  • Does the door open smoothly
  • What comes into view in your property

You will have got past the first step if you have run through those simple checks. If your property doesn't look good from the front people wont knock on your door, even worse if the doorbell doesn't work you may not even hear them arrive. So be prepared!

If you don't follow our guide you are leaving yourself open to a lower offer than you property is actually worth. When you buyers move in to their new home they don't want to start getting their toolboxes out! It's worth going the extra mile.

Once you have entered the property the potential buyers will notice how bright and spacious it is , this is because you did the following:

  • Cleared away all the clutter (ideally put into storage)
  • Sorted out any DIY jobs that needed doing such as painting
  • If you have harsh coloured walls- neutralize them
  • Get carpets professionally cleaned/ changed if they are worn out
  • Air your home by opening windows & putting a few air freshners in
  • Some buyers are allergic to pets - make sure smells & hair are removed
  • If your Kitchen or Bathroom looks tired you should do the following-
  • Redecorate with a coat of neutral (eg white or magnolia) paint
  • Grout the tiles which are going black
  • Depersonalise your home / store all your photographs/trophies

It may be worth updating the whole bathroom or Kitchen suite if its old or if the colours are too brash. Remember during the process above that you have now decided to SELL your property so don't get to personal with any changes - think neutral, bright and a spacious home! This then opens the door to the maximum of possible buyers who will see your home.

Taking enquiries
Your email address and tel number will be available to the buyers - make sure you get a diary so you can take down all their information such as Tel number, name, address of the buyers and then you know when they are viewing the property.

To vet them - ask them if they are first time buyers or are they in a chain, also ask them if they have a mortgage in principle.

To conduct viewings
Make sure your pets are out of the way for viewings as some people are allergic to animals, open windows - get some fresh air in! Buy some fresh flowers. Before your potential buyers arrive always make sure you have the following to hand. Your property particulars - Pass them to your buyers when they arrive. You will also need to know

  • How much council tax you pay
  • How much Gas/ Electric you pay
  • If your home is Leasehold - How long is the lease
  • How much do you pay for the Ground Rent

The above are always asked by the viewers so be prepared!
When they arrive always greet with a smile and shake their hand introducing yourself and your family. Idealy try not to have too many family members there as you need to make the place look big and spacious, also you don't want too many distractions.

Make sure you have a planned route through your house, always lead the way to each room - when you get to the room always point out the positives of that particular room.

If a room is too small let the buyers go into it and you stand outside of the room pointing out the positives.

Ask them what their situation is. For instance is their property on the market?

Do they have finance arranged? And for how much?

If they ask if you have had much interest 'of course you have!' always sound upbeat about your home but don't be too pushy or give any negative feedback to your viewers.

If you haven't got an offer from your viewers within the first couple of days give them a call and ask them for their honest feedback. (it's always good to know what they are thinking)

Accepted Offer
Great news you have accepted an offer! The next steps are:

  • Target dates of moving (completion date)
  • The address of the property sold
  • My full name
  • The buyers full name and address
  • Any items that are not included in the sale the purchaser wishes to buy... write list and price
  • My solicitors full contact details
  • My Buyers solicitors full contact details.

Make sure you let the buyer know you want a survey booked on the property within 2 weeks, this way you know how serious they are as they have to pay for that.

Now it's in the hands of the solicitor - always make sure you make weekly checks with your solicitor for updates and also speak to your buyer on a weekly basis too. Make sure you let all parties know the time frame for exchanging contracts.

Completion !
On completion make sure you have removed everything from your property. Your solicitor will let you know when he has received all the funds and will then give you the go ahead to hand over the keys to your new buyer!

Go out to Celebrate!  And think of all that commission you have saved!

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