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These terms and conditions form an agreement between the user of the site (yourself) and us, Klick Internet Services Ltd developers of www.property.walesdirectory.co.uk. By accessing information on the site you are agreeing to be legally bound by the terms and conditions and you agree that the terms and conditions are the legal equivalent of a signed document.

www.property.walesdirectory.co.uk is run by Klick Internet Services Ltd a web design and promotion company, they are not an Estate Agency.

References to “you”, “yourselves” and “your” are references to the person or persons accessing the site.

References to “the advertisers”, “the advertiser”, are references to the persons or person selling or letting the properties advertised on the website.

References to "us", "we" and "our" are references to Klick Internet Services Ltd

More information about www.property.walesdirectory.co.uk.

Property owners, landlords and agencies can upload information about their property on www.property.walesdirectory.co.uk for a fee.

Once the seller either sells their property or lets their property then there is nothing payable to Klick Internet Services Ltd./Walesdirectory.co.uk.

We have no involvement in the selling process other than the initial linking of the advertiser with the person who is looking for property, similar to the seller or landlord placing an advertisement in a newspaper.

Walesdirectory.co.uk / Klick Internet Services Ltd disclaims all responsibility and liability to anyone using this site, or doing anything in connection with it in whole or in part.

Limitation of liability.

Klick Internet Services Ltd./Walesdirectory.co.uk has no means of verifying any of the information that has been placed on www.property.walesdirectory.co.uk by the advertisers.

We have no involvement in the process of the sale other than initially linking the advertiser and the person seeking the property.

Consider the information on this site as a brief guide only. Always check the authenticity yourself. This applies to all the details that you see on the site.

You should seek professional advice and consult relevant authorities before proceeding with any agreements.

The information displayed on www.property.walesdirectory.co.uk is for information purposes only. There may be typographical errors or any type of inaccuracy. The information may be out of date. It may be updated regularly. We accept no responsibility for keeping information contained herein up to date. We do not accept liability for failure to do so.


This website is protected by copyright laws. The information, text, artwork, video, audio, animation and pictures on this website are all covered by copyright laws, and may only be accessed and used for personal purposes. No part of the website may be permanently copied or reproduced in any form or reproduced on any other website or stored in or transmitted to or from any other electronic or digital form in whole or in part. Other than for your own personal use, you may not copy or redistribute the information held on this website without prior consent from the publishers, Klick Internet Services Ltd. 

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notification.

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