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IMPORTANT: Read this CAREFULLY to ensure you do not break your sole agent contract!!

You can sell your home privately and NOT pay the agents commission. As is not an Estate Agent but an advertising medium there is no conflict with sole or multiple agency agreements. It is the same as placing an advertisement in your local paper.

Its official - The Office of Fair Trading states

In December 2005 'The Office of Fair Trading' issued guidance on how to determine whether a property internet site was in fact an Estate Agent or not. If a site was really an Agent then you would be liable to pay ££££s in commission to your Estate Agent.

There are three basic activities introduced by The Office of Fair Trading Standards which would make a private property sales sites qualify as an agent:

1) Sending out property particulars and arranging viewings (we do not send out property particulars and you arrange viewings yourself)

2) Receiving and fielding queries from potential sellers or buyers and passing on details to your clients (you field queries from potential tenants or buyers yourself)

3) Providing clients with a 'For Sale' board and/or putting it up outside their property containing the website contact details (we do not supply for sale boards but you can supply your own with your own telephone number)

1. With an Estate Agent You will be given a few options on how to sell your home.

Sole Selling Rights In this case, the Estate Agent is the only person with the right to sell your home, if you do sell your home privately then you are still bound to pay the Agent their commission. We still think that this is worth advertising due to our low selling fee, you are really then promoting your property all over the UK, it is worth giving your Agent a ring to discuss this matter, as you may well be able to obtain a sizeable discount.

Multiple Agency
You can appoint as many Agents as you like to sell your home, the agent who does sell your home is then paid his commission, you will find that this type of agreement the commission is slightly higher.

Sole Agency
If you are using an Estate Agent to sell your home then the appointed agent is the only agent who can sell your property, however, as you are not an Estate Agent yourself, if you do find a buyer yourself through private advertising on then you do not have to pay the Estate Agent commission.

These vary but expect to pay about 1.5% or more to the agent on average.

2. Sell your house privately with

Our low fee covers the cost of advertising your home until it is sold, ensuring that your property now gets seen by more potential buyers than ever. No monthly fees, no set-up charges, and no commissions to pay.

We're Affordable!
Our low fee pays for your home to be listed online until it is sold. No monthly fees, no commission, just great value.

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Cut the cost of selling your home through Estate Agents, by selling your home privately online through our website. Cut the cost of selling fees.

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